• Is crypto a technology that can solve current problems in the world?
  • Can crypto improve upon existing solutions, businesses and ecosystems?
  • What are all businesses in the world created to do?
Solve a problem.
  • What do the most successful businesses do?
Solve a problem in a way no one does OR improve a solution to an existing problem.
Think of the innovative minds behind Airbnb & Uber.
Two companies that rival or better the best hotels and taxi services in the world - without owning asingle hotel or taxi.
ZAT will not only create new solutions but improve existing ones. This is the simple formula for success.
We will give businesses the platform to launch their projects transparently. We will also give them a place where they can hire people without becoming a victim of scam or fraud.
We will bring verified crypto projects to investors so they will not have to worry about losing money on a scam, fraud or other shakedown.
ZAT is not the "next" mover.
We are already in motion.
We minimize risk and maximize growth
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