By this time we are developing 2 platforms to be utilized by not only retail investors (holders), but also by (dev) Team of current and future crypto projects. The steps below show what we will be able to offer them. Step 1 and 2 are applicable to (dev)teams and professionals within the crypto sphere. Step 3 is applicable to everyone.
Our platform will be a safehaven for developers, service providers and investors alike. Anyone who uses our platform(s) will be safe from scams, fraud and other criminal practices. From launching your own token to offering crypto services to the world. And from looking for safe tokens to invest in to educating yourself about crypto.
ZAT Market
ZAT Tools
ZAT Escrow
Hire crypto professionals through our Marketplace. Do all this without worrying about scams and don't waste any of your time on finding the right teams. Only verified service providers are listed on our market and the money you pay is held by us untill services are delivered.
Use Zat Launchpad to reach real investors. We will build a community based on trust. Any project that is launched on our Launchpad will meet strict guidelines. For example we will verify the team behind the project and contracts will be analysed manually.
Escrow services for the Crypto and FIAT market. People can use our escrow platform to pay in crypto for items, services or anything you can imagine, while doing this completely safe. Funds are safe because our platform will hold the amount of Crypto or FIAT until the deal is finished on both sides.
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