Our tokenomics are key to the sustainability & operations of the ZAT Utilities Ecosystem, allowing our community to function efficiently within our ecosystem (ZAT Tools, ZAT Market etc.) while remaining scalable for growth.
A token's value is determined by dividing the current circulating supply by the current marketcap. As we get closer to mainstream adoption, we see the trends of what people tend to lean towards when looking at a token. That's why we decided to use a fairly large circulating supply - so people have the benefit to hold many whole tokens as opposed to percentages of one token - with a smaller investment. $ZPRO is the main token within the ZAT Utilities Ecosystem and was released via a fair-launch and liquidity is locked until the 15th of November 2022. It will be locked again for several years after this first period.
Ownership has not been renounced. This allows the token to be scalable and adaptable in the future as a utility token within the ZAT Ecosystem. Which is necessary, because we will keep adding Utilities to that Ecosystem.
The ZAT Project
Buy Tax 10%
Sell Tax 14%
Total Supply
3% Liquidity + Buyback 1% Charity Wallet 4% Marketing Wallet 2% Treasury Wallet
4% Liquidity + Buyback 1% Reflection 5% Marketing Wallet 1% charity Wallet 3% Treasury Wallet
Total Supply : 100M Burned Token 20 M
Current supply : 80M
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